Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel

This stunning Hacienda-style home is situated in the Santa Lucia Preserve, with its west entrance just a short drive east from Carmel. Known locally as “The Preserve,” this exclusive gated community spans 20,000 acres and comprises only 297 homesites. Once a cattle ranch, the Preserve has been repurposed into a sanctuary and nature reserve, with a mere 2,000 acres earmarked for development. This transformation has cultivated an idyllic environment ideal for ranch-style living.

The Challenges
The building site, nestled on an unspoiled hillside adorned with majestic oak trees and accessible via a narrow dirt road, presented several intriguing challenges. Clearing large trees and constructing a series of lengthy curved terraced retaining walls were essential initial steps to prepare the building pad. Furthermore, excavating space for the motor court and front entry necessitated cutting deep into the solid rock hillside to accommodate the separate three-car garage. Despite these measures, the logistics of construction and staging of building materials proved to be arduous.

The Solution
Positioned 600 feet from the main road, this exquisite Mexican Hacienda home was intricately designed to embrace its natural surroundings, preserving oak trees and blending with the landscape to minimize disruption. McNamee Construction’s dedication to luxury and functionality shines through in meticulous attention to detail. The design features a central courtyard surrounded by living spaces, enabling seamless indoor-outdoor living with privacy and breathtaking views. Traditional Mexican finishes, such as vaulted ceilings with hand-hewn timbers, handmade saltillo tile floors, stucco walls, terra-cotta roof tiles, and wrought iron accents, evoke authentic hacienda charm.

The Results
The collaboration between award-winning designer John Matthams and the skilled craftsmen at McNamee Construction demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, capturing the timeless allure of authentic hacienda architecture. This magnificent estate, spanning over 30 acres, serves as a testament to the seamless integration of natural beauty and architectural mastery.

Architectural Design: John Matthams, International Design Group

Photography: Kip Evans