MidiCi Pizza

MidiCi, The Neapolitan Pizza Company, is an upscale fast-casual, open-space, high-end pizzeria. It’s located in the T.A. Work building on upper Alvardo Street, nestled in the heart of downtown Monterey. From an empty shell of a building, the experienced team at McNamee Construction crafted what one delighted visitor described as a “dining experience that flawlessly combines exceptional pizza with an ambiance that is truly enchanting.”

The Challenge
This project presented significant complexity, necessitating the creation of several unique architectural features tailored to MidiCi’s beautiful interior. Among these features is the long, serpentine-shaped marble bar, serving as the ‘heart’ of the restaurant. Additionally, the centerpiece—a handmade, two-ton pizza imported from Naples, Italy—posed logistical challenges. Its size required the removal of the building’s exterior doors for installation, followed by meticulous covering with small gold tiles. In a remarkable touch, a section of the concrete floor was cut out to create a tree well, facilitating the planting of a large live olive tree indoors.

The Solution
The team at McNamee Construction thrives on challenges, and this project was no exception. They understand the importance of having a dedicated team of craftsmen to bring such endeavors to fruition. With the expertise of Architect Michael Dern and meticulous planning and execution, this remarkable pizzeria was brought to life. Noteworthy features include an outdoor courtyard, offering patrons a charming streetside dining experience. Meticulously finished both inside and out, the establishment swiftly became a favorite among locals and visitors, boasting a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Results
MidiCi, The Neapolitan Pizza Company, now stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and architectural ingenuity in downtown Monterey. From the mesmerizing long marble bar to the meticulously crafted outdoor courtyard, every detail of the pizzeria exudes charm and sophistication. Patrons revel in the enchanting ambiance as they savor exceptional pizza and bask in the warm hospitality. MidiCi has quickly become a beloved hotspot for both locals and visitors alike.

Architect: Michael Dern AIA

Photography: Kip Evans