Bistro Beaujolais

Bistro Beaujolais, a Mediterranean-Californian restaurant, occupies the ground floor of the three-story Carmel Plaza. It gracefully extends into the plaza’s lower courtyard, providing patrons with a charming outdoor dining experience around a stone firepit. Despite initial challenges, the designated space was transformed into a refined setting suitable for fine dining.

The Challenge
Constructing a full-scale gourmet kitchen within a space with low ceilings posed a significant challenge. Additionally, being situated on the ground floor with two occupied floors above presented difficulties in installing the mechanical systems up to the roof. The experienced team at McNamee Construction proposed creative layout and system changes, resulting in improved and efficient solutions. Overcoming challenges such as maximizing dining space within a small footprint and custom-building the wrap-around bar as the restaurant’s centerpiece showcased the team’s expertise.

The Solution
With the expertise of talented designer John Matthams, the professional team at McNamee Construction successfully transformed Bistro Beaujolais into one of Carmel’s most beloved restaurants and bars. Meticulously finished both inside and out, it quickly became a favorite among locals and visitors, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Master artist Blagojce Stojanovski’s beautiful murals became captivating centerpieces for the restaurant, complemented by equally stunning decor that enhanced the overall ambiance of this exceptional space.

The Results
The transformation of Bistro Beaujolais within Carmel Plaza is a wonderful example of McNamee Construction’s craftsmanship, creative problem-solving, and meticulous execution, enhancing Carmel Plaza’s allure as a favorite dining destination.

Architectural Design: John Matthams, International Design Group

Photography: Kip Evans